Would You Like To See The First Clinically Proven CBD Product That’s Guaranteed To Treat Your Loved Pet’s Joint Pain And Everyday Stressors?

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Are you interested in finding a proven supplement that works extremely well for joint discomfort, stress, and neuro support?

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Could CBD be the new frontier in animal health? Amanda and Christian, sensed the enormous potential in that question, to create something life-changing for animals and took the leap with a commitment to doing it right. Fast forward 5 years and an idea in a kitchen has become a company that is the leader in the CBD + CBDA for pets industry and the leader in scientific discovery.

But that’s not all. They then answered the question, “does it really work?”. How? By getting help from Cornell university and conducting the first-ever clinical trial, the first pharmacokinetic study, the first safety study, and the first published paper on pets’ joint discomfort. The study was conducted in 2017 and to date, no other company has been able to prove efficacy. Unlock the vet-approved formula so you can give your pet the quality of life they deserve.