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Affiliate marketing today doesn’t work the same way it used to. But many people still ignore this truth and waste their time, energy, and money on inefficient methods and systems. There are only 4 components needed to make a profitable income online today and you won’t find them talked about publicly on blogs, YouTube videos, or Facebook groups. But today, this powerful information finally becomes available to the average person.

In 2008 Igor Kheifets was an affiliate with no earnings and $60,000 in debt. He was a typical shiny object junkie, going from product to product, from system to system. But he eventually discovered how to create dependable sources of income, from anywhere in the world. Today he is now one of the most sought-after affiliate marketing educators in the world. More importantly, he’s out there daily, walking the talk, and generating multiple 5 figures each week. Unlock his short, powerful video and start earning as soon as today.