Who Else Wants To Know How An Ex Retail Slave From Toronto Makes $403,919 A Year From His Laptop With e-Farming?

Youre about to see and understand how average people of all ages, ethnicities and education backgrounds are walking away from their jobs and retiring early by e-Farming from their laptops… Without an office, a commute, taking big financial risks or harassing friends and family…

Like Bill from South Plainfield, NJ who is now enjoying a passive income of $6,000 a month after starting an e-farming business from his laptop just a couple of months ago.

“Before meeting Igor I tried at least 10 different things online. I was in no position to get rid of a job, so I needed something I could do easily in the mornings or late at night. After just 90 days I started making $3,000/month. I’m getting close to the $6,000/mo mark.”

- Bill Winters

And like Anthony from Wales, who recently made $40,000 with e-farming in just one month.

“I’ve just had a record breaking month. I made $40,000 over and above my “job” income. The amazing part I still attended every Rugby practice session of both of my sons. This is mental!”

- Anthony Tilley

e-Farming is one of the greatest money making opportunities of our generation.

It is so lucrative, even Hollywood celebrities are turning to e-farming to make passive income outside of the media spotlight.

But you don't need fame and notoriety to make money with e-farming.

In a few moments, you’ll discover how you can break into e-farming in the next 30 days… And start making $100, $300 and even $1,000 a day from home or while traveling the world.

My name is Igor Kheifets and e-Farming saved my life.

Thanks to stumbling into e-Farming a few years ago, Igor managed to fire 2 bosses (you have to work twice as hard to pay the bills the traditional way) and semi-retire at 29.

Recently he came out of retirement to help the average person start earning an income online through e-Farming.

Igor has already helped thousands kickstart their own profitable e-Farming online business through his best-selling program The 30-Day e-Farming Challenge.

Sometimes I think I’m dreaming, because up
until a few years ago my life was living hell.

Our 1 bedroom
shithole apartment

The small town center
I grew up in

I grew up in a small town.

My parents couldn’t afford to pay for a good education, so they enrolled me in a military academy for minors.

The government subsidized my schooling in exchange for 4 years of military service after graduation.

Upon discharge, I struggled to find a decent job.

Air Force Academy

The Chemical Factory

I became a security guard at a pesticide production facility.

It was a dangerous job and it paid peanuts.

You weren't allowed to step onto the premises without biohazard equipment…

The gig was so toxic for every hour spent indoors, you had to take a 15 minute “breathing pathways recovery break” in safe designated break areas outdoors.

They also wouldn't let you leave until you had a thorough shower using a special bio soap to wash the toxic fumes off your skin and hair.

But that hardly helped. One guy I knew, who worked there for 20 years, died from lung cancer in his 50s.

But all that wasn’t the worst part…

I was getting tired of the rat race.

I was exhausted and stressed out over bills. I wanted to travel to see new places… to go on an adventure!

But I could never afford it.

Taking time off work meant losing money and potentially losing my job.

I was growing pretty frustrated with my life.

Something needed to change but I didn't know
how to go about making these changes.

So I turned to the Self-Help section of the internet.

I started following Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy and other self development gurus.

I became inspired to change my life, but still lacked a concrete plan or strategy.

One day I went to Tony Robbins’ website where I noticed he was doing what I now call ”e-Farming”.

It made me curious. I wondered if other self help educators did it too.

I went to Bob Proctor's website and saw he was doing it.

I then went to Tim Ferris’s website and he was doing it too!

I went to Robert Allen's webpage and he was e-Farming as well…

I couldn’t believe it…

Even Joe Vitale from “The Secret” was e-Farming.

All these people were rich. They lived in luxurious homes. They drove flashy cars.

And they were all involved in this e-Farming thing.

It got me thinking…

Can other rich and successful people be into e-Farming?

Surely enough, I discovered that a number of film, TV and pop stars were making money this way.

I’m talking household names like Oprah, Lady Gaga, Tyra Banks, Jordan Belfort, Barack and Michelle Obama, Venus Williams, Ellen DeGeneres, Kristen Bell, Hugh Jackman and even The Rock!

This got me thinking…

Can someone like me do it? Someone who isn’t famous… Someone without a large following… Someone without money… Someone without an MBA or any sort of special education… Someone who doesn't know how to build a website… Someone who doesn’t have a product idea… Someone who is, frankly, isn’t special in any way… Can a totally average joe like me do it?

I decided to give it a shot, because I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I could either fail and my life wouldn’t change…

I could succeed beyond my wildest dreams and become a millionaire…

Or end up somewhere in between - which is better than where I was anyway.

I scoured the internet until I stumbled into a small group of people who were making 6 and even 7 figures with e-farming…

I scoured the internet until I stumbled into a small group of people who were making 6 and even 7 figures with e-farming…

But the weird thing is -- they weren't celebrities.

They were everyday men and women who figured out how to get started with e-farming without any money… without any web design skills… without any marketing skills… and without any previous experience.

They wouldn’t share their secrets for free. So I loaned some money from my grandparents and paid to be mentored into the inner working of their e-Farming system.

What happened next was way beyond my wildest dreams. I wouldn’t even believe it myself, if it didn’t happen to me.

Me, before e-farming

Within just a couple of weeks I started receiving checks in the mail.

Having another source of income, I was able to finally live a little.

I was able to go on a trip to Europe with my girlfriend.

Within a few short months I had multiple streams of income bringing in thousands of dollars a week.

I was finally able to buy myself a brand new car.

I proposed to my girlfriend and had our first baby.

I was making more money in one week from my laptop than I used to make in 6 month.

I no longer worried about money.

And I knew I could scale my income higher and higher with e-Farming.

Now I sleep like a baby knowing I've got a big rainy day fund that my family can fall back on in case of an illness or accident.

And it’s all thanks to tapping into this exciting new opportunity.

I’m able to make passive income while enjoying time freedom from anywhere in the world.

But most importantly…

I live life on my own terms.

I call the shots.

And remember…

I'm a nobody with a capital “N”!

I am not a trust fund child.

I didn’t code a software out of my college dorm room. I’ve never even been to college. I couldn’t afford one.

I'm just a small town kid who spotted an exciting new opportunity.

Keep reading and I'll show you how to do it too.

How e-Farming works?

You know how social media influencers get paid by businesses to post an Instagram, Tik Tok and other platforms?

But did you know the same businesses are paying even more money to e-Farmers, like me, who don't even have any social media presence in exchange for just 10 minutes of work?


Because according to Forbes, every dollar they pay an e-Farmer gives them $42 back!

" e-Farming is a process of building an email database of people who asked to be kept informed via email about offers and products they could benefit from. "

This is the opposite of SPAM, because the email addresses are obtained on a strict permission-only basis. In other words, these people are asking to receive offers in their inbox.

In fact, according to an Adobe study, 61% of people prefer to receive offers in their email inbox to help them decide what products to purchase.

While nobody likes having sales pitches pushed on them on social media, people love reviewing and acting on offerings they receive in their email inbox.

So is it any wonder people like Barack Obama are relying on email to acquire donations for their political and charitable campaigns…

Media tycoons like Oprah are leveraging email marketing to expand their influence…

Self-development gurus like Bob Proctor & Tony Robbins are emailing daily promoting their seminars, training programs and books…

Pop stars like Rhianna relying on email messaging to sell more beauty products…

Celebrity athletes like Venus Williams utilize email every day to promote their fashion lines…

The list goes on and on…

I can already hear what you’re thinking…

“Igor, I’m no celebrity. I don’t manufacture beauty products and I’m not running for president!”

Here’s the deal…

You don't need to be a best selling author or world famous talk show host to start making passive income with e-Farming.

Remember, I started out without a following, without a product and without any business experience.

I had no seed capital (aside from a small amount of money I loaned from my grandparents to pay for mentoring).

I was a broke loser living with my parents working a dead end job.

In a moment, I will show you a simple 3 step system anyone can use to break into e-Farming in the next 30 days from scratch.

But first, why is e-Farming so profitable?

Well, just look at the numbers.

One study that compared response rates from social media followers vs email followers concluded email audiences generate 39,400% higher response rates than social media audiences.

That’s a 40 to 1 difference!

In other words, if you were selling vacuum cleaners door to door, you’d have to knock on 40 social media doors to get an identical response compared to knocking on just 1 email door.

Email is both more efficient and more profitable than social media.

Another study ranked customers referred via email as likely to outspend all other referral types. Plus, in a head-to-head comparison against social media referrals, email referrals brought in roughly 20 times more revenue and were 9 times more likely to buy.

Here’s another way to think about it.

Imagine a shoe store frequented by 2 customers throughout the course of the month - a social media customer and an email customer. Social media tends to buy one pair of shoes for every 9 visits to the store, spending $1 on each purchase. Email customer tends to buy 9 pairs of shoes for every 9 visits to the store, spending $20 on each pair.

If you were the aforementioned store owner - which customer would you prefer?

And there are many-many more studies that proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that email makes it easier to promote any product, agenda or cause.

World's leading business publishers like The Wall Street Journal and Forbes agree that email is the hottest channel.

In fact, making money with email is as easy as pressing the send button.

I make as much as $40,476 just by sending out a couple of emails.

And so do my students like Alby from Australia, who makes as much as $10,000 in 3 days blasting out a couple of emails to his e-Farm.

“I recently ran an e-Farming campaign with Igor’s system and netted $10,000 in just 3 days. There are still more sales coming through, so I expect to make even more!”

-Alby Koster


Your e-Farming income is directly proportional to the size of your e-Farm. The larger the e-Farm (the more email addresses), the more money you will make.

But you don’t need millions of email addresses to make a great income. Far from it.

You can build a lucrative passive income of $1,000/week with a tiny e-Farm of just 5,000-10,000 emails.

The big mistake people make when they enter the e-Farming scene is trying to build their e-Farm using slow methods that require lots of work.

It can sometimes take years to build a 1,000-big e-Farm this way.

Not only are these methods slow, but they also require meeting with people, talking to them on the phone and ask for each person’s email address separately.

That’s the worst way to build an e-Farm. And the least profitable.

Then there’s becoming a content publisher (author, blogger, thought leader).

The downside is that it too is slow. But there’s more to the story.

Content publishing is a highly competitive space and you’d be competing against hundreds of thousands of companies who are fighting for the same market share.

You don’t want that.

The secret to making money quickly with e-Farming when you’re brand new is to cultivate lots of email addresses into your farm without creating yourself another job.


By leveraging an audience building strategy called e-Drops! It is a little-known shortcut I used to build a huge e-Farm in a matter of weeks. Not years.

There are tons of people on the internet who publish content to large audiences.

Think of them as radio show hosts or newspaper publishers who command the attention of a large number of people within their niche interest.

Instead of going out there and manually prospecting for email addresses…

We get these publishers invite their followers to join our e-Farm.

Here’s how effective it can be…

Let’s say a publisher in the “learn to play piano” niche contacts their following of 200,000 with an invitation to join our e-Farm.

Assuming just 10% follow through on claiming their invitation, it puts a whopping 20,000 email addresses on our e-Farm overnight.

Using this 100% CAN-SPAM and GDPR compliant shortcut, you can grow a huge e-Farm lightning-fast, just like Darren, who built himself a $300/day e-Farm in a matter of just a couple of months.

But why would these content publishers send out these invites?

Because we’ll pay them.

But get this…

The one-time “audience rental fee” we’re going to give them is peanuts compared to what we stand to make from having thousands of email addresses on our digital farm.

The industry average is floating between $3 and $15 per email address per month.

How do you make money from your e-Farm?

It’s easy.

By using done-for-you income streams.

This is important.

I don’t manufacture products.

I don’t negotiate with suppliers.

I don’t try to build a brand to sell it later.

I’m simply partnering up with businesses who have all the hard work to create best-selling products.

My job is to send out pre-written e-letters about these best-selling products to my email audience using 100% automated software.

I’ll tell you more about how this automated software is helping me make passive income, but first, what sort of companies do I partner with?

This might sound surprising, but the biggest brands in the world like Amazon, Walmart, Under Armour and more are lining up to work with e-Farmers.

These giants are happily paying e-Farmers to send out short electronic letters about products on their websites.

It’s called affiliate marketing and nearly every major brand relies on it to generate revenue online. In fact, last year affiliate marketing bagged $12,000,000,000 for online retailers.

1 of every 10 online purchases is the result of an email containing an affiliate link. And this number is only going to grow in the future, because the advertising prices are driving retailers to seek more affordable ways to generate customers.

That’s why millions of companies in thousands of niche markets are willing to pay the big bucks to e-Farmers like you and me to recommend their products and services.

It’s a really simple business model.

Send emails, make money. Send more emails, make more money!

Anytime someone clicks a link in my email, I get paid. Last year I made $403,919 from just shy of 19,200 clicks generated from the e-letters I mailed to my email audience.

It means I averaged $21 for every click generated from my emails.

Would you like to get paid $5, 10 and even $21 every time someone clicks a link in an email?

You have to be crazy not to say yes!

But here’s the trick though.

You can’t make that kind of money with Amazon or Walmart, because these retailers pay peanuts.

For example, one product I mailed for Amazon paid me $0.72 in fees for every e-referral.

You’ll never make any real money this way.

Keep reading to discover private done-for-you income streams that pay $100, $500 and even $1,000 in fees for a single e-referral.

When you’re working with such high-paying income streams, just a couple of referrals each month can pay your rent!

In fact, I'm using these done-for-you income streams to make as much as $9,291 in a single day…

As much as $72,000 in a single week…

And as much as $32,000 in 4 days…

But there's more.

These little-known done-for-you income streams provide me with pre-written promotional e-letters.

All I have to do is just copy and paste the e-letter into the automation software, hit “send” and get paid.

What is this automation software? And what does it do exactly?

It is a way of sending thousands of emails with a push of a button without having to do the work every time.

Let’s say you’ve got 1,000 email addresses in your e-Farm and you’re about to mail an e-letter containing an offering to a high-paying done-for-you income stream.

Will you type the e-letter by hand to the first email recipient, the 2nd, the 3rd and so on?

Heck No! That would take forever even if you type 100 words a minute.

Instead, you’llcopy the e-letter provided to you and paste it into the e-automation software and hit “send”.

The e-automation software will automatically send a copy of the letter to each one of the 1,000 email addresses in your database.

Now get this…

Whether you’ve got 100, 1,000 or 10,000 email addresses in your e-farm - it will only take you a few minutes to get the job done.

By leveraging e-automation I was able to break the link between my time and my income.

All I have to do is just copy and paste a few lines of text into the e-Automation software and go to the beach!

To Recap

3-step e-Farming system

1. Cultivate Large
E-Farm With E-Drops

2. Monetize With
Done-For-You Income

3. Passive Income
With E-Automation

This is a foolproof system that simply doesn't fail.

I'm certain if you follow my system to a “t”, you too can become a proud owner of a profitable e-Farm like Darman from Malaysia, who is making $370 for just 2 hours of effort from his e-Farm whenever he feels like it…

“When I started with Igor I didn’t know anything about e-Farming. My e-Farm now Is 4,400 email addresses. Yesterday I made $370 in under 2 hours. If I can do it, you can do it even better than me!”

-Darman Husin

And like Daz who is making money with e-Farming even though he didn't think he could do it before he discovered my system.

“For years I was wasting time, wasting money, getting nowhere. Then I heard about Igor’s program. I did some research and decided to apply. He accepted me into the program and things changed for me. My business is growing by leaps and bounds. I make all my income online. I couldn’t have done it without Igor.”

-Daz Heartley

And like Chris who made more money with my e-Farming system than anything else he ever tried online before…

“Igor’s training program has made me more money in a single week than all other things I’ve ever done online.”

-Chris Friesen

Or like Daniel here just had his first $2,500 month!

“With Igor I could smell success immediately. I just had my first $2,500 month. I’ve never made so much money online before”

-Daniel Johannson

These are just a few people I've helped to get into e-Farming without any previous experience using my proven system.

What makes my e-Farming
system so special?

Well, it's simple. I've got building profitable e-Farms down to a predictable process.

The system eliminates guesswork and is easy to duplicate by a complete beginner.

It speeds up your progress, eliminates confusion and overwhelm.

It's color-between-the-lines simple.

Here's what's inside my e-Farming system.

How to put together your e-Farm from scratch without any technical experience

How to build a huge email audience (full of people dying to receive offers in their inbox) within weeks and not years

How to send e-letters to your entire audience at the push of a button so you can work smart.

How to collect your email addresses into an email automation software

How to make money with your e-Farm by partnering with brands who will give you done-for-you income streams for free

How to set up automatic e-letters to be sent to every new email address who joins your e-Farm without you touching anything so you can make automated income

How to you automate your e-Farming to make passive income and enjoy more free time

Where to find high paying done-for-you income streams… as well as the income streams that pay weekly or monthly residual income.

How to set up multiple streams of income from day one

Kevin from Nottingham experienced the transformational powers of my e-Farming system firsthand when he approached me for one-on-one coaching.

At the time he was working a demanding construction job that was forcing him to spend 2 weeks away from home every month.

This left his wife Meghan, who stayed home with their sons, in need of help and attention.

Kevin asked me if I could personally mentor him.

I said I could and that it would cost $8,000.

It was a lot for family with only 1 breadwinner. But after considering his options, and realizing how much he wanted his life to change, Kevin pulled the trigger and paid my mentoring fee.

This is Kevin
Kevin on his construction job
Kevin and his newborn
Brand New House Paid With
E-Farming Profits

I showed Kevin how my system works and watched him implement it in his spare time.

Short while later Kevin fired his boss and started working from home.

In the first year of becoming an e-Farmer, Kevin was able to save up enough money for a downpayment on a brand new family home!

Later Kevin told me these were the best $8,000 he invested in his life. And if I were to charge him double, it would still be worth it.

But you don’t need $8,000 to get started with my e-Farming system.

Not even $4,000.

In fact, what if I showed you a way to get the same e-Farming system Kevin used but without paying my high 4-figure mentoring fee?


Well… I had to personally sit down and teach Kevin everything over Zoom calls.

But since working with him, I’ve packaged my system into an on-demand follow-along program you can implement on your own schedule.

That’s great news for two reasons.

1st, it produces faster results than coaching calls.

I showed my system to Brian and he started making $350 every 3 days…

“Igor knows exactly what he’s doing. In the last 3 days alone I’ve made over $350.”

-Bryan Super

Chrisi from Redding, California was able to use my system to build a 9,900 e-Farm and start making 5-figures every single month…

“I now have 9,919 emails on my e-Farm and am making thousands of dollars in passive income every week. If it wasn’t for Igor, I would have never gotten the confidence, the knowledge and the contacts I added to build an online business that produces consistent income.”

-Chrisi Darrington

And Emilis was able to scale his income to $30,000/mo in just 12 months!

“Before meeting Igor, I was trying to make money online but I didn’t know what I was doing. I was jumping from one method to another. Igor showed me the ropes. Implementing his techniques quickly ramped up my income to $10,000, $20,000 and now $30,000 per month. Listen to Igor and do everything he tells you and you’ll succeed in your online business.”

-Emilis Strimaitis

But wait, that’s not all.

Removing the need to get on coaching calls that eat up a lot of time, allows me to give you
98% OFF my mentoring fee…

So you can get started for just
$8,000 $197!

Get started with confidence because you’re backed up by my e-Farming Success Guarantee

If within the next 30 days you don’t become a proud owner of an e-Farm that’s at least 1,000 email addresses big, I will buy your e-Farm back from you no questions asked.

I'm offering such an outrageous guarantee, because I'm confident you won't need it.

Because my system is

You just have to follow the steps exactly as I outline them and watch your e-Farm grow like these students…

Sugey from Los Angeles
Billie from Jacksonville, FL
Brian from B.C
Alexander from Plainfield, NY

Join thousands of members who are banking it big with
e-Farming as we speak, like Eugene…

“Before meeting Igor I tried everything to make money online. Poker, forex, SEO, you name it. I knew nothing about e-Farming when I started. Today, I’ve got a business that’s capable of supporting me. This month I cleared 5 figures already and it’s only been half a month. The feeling of freedom and possibility is amazing. I wish everyone could experience this.”

-Eugene Collinger

I've already made it easy for you to decide to get started by giving a 98% off my fee and backing you up with an e-Farming Success Guarantee.

But I didn’t stop there.

I'm also going to ethically bribe you to get started fast by throwing in $26,855 worth of fast action bonuses.

$18,000 Value
Priority Support

We’ve got a strict no student left behind policy.

If you have any questions, you can email or call us.

I employ a dedicated support staff just so you have someone to talk to when you need them.

We take good care of our members. Just take a look at our TrustPilot ratings.

This fast action bonus is worth $18,000 because that’s how much I pay my support staff to be there for you.

$997 Value
Lifetime Updates

The e-Farming tools and strategies tend to evolve over time.

When they do, I update the system to ensure you’re following the most up to date blueprint with the highest probability of success.

These updates won’t cost you a penny extra.

$1,997 Value
Done-For-You Income Streams Rolodex

Would you like to use the same high-paying done-for-you income streams I do to profit with my e-Farming business?

Then you’re going to love this fast action bonus.

Maximize your income by using the top done-for-you income streams. Get paid more money in less time.

You don’t have to invest hours into research or go through trial and error to discover the best income streams. I’ve done it for you.

$297 Value
e-Automation Quick-Start Guide

Let me make you proficient at using e-Automation without all the boring technical details.

Think of it as getting a crash course in driving a car without wasting time on trying to understand the engine, transmission, fuel injection and the cooling system.

Just the essentials!

This exclusive fast action bonus is not available anywhere else.

$3,564 Value
Fill-In-The-Blanks e-Letters

e-Farmers make money by mailing e-letters with done-for-you income streams.

Most done-for-you income streams come with pre-written e-letters you can use.

Some e-letters work well. Some don’t. That’s why I developed a set of fill-in-the-blanks e-letters for every occasion.

I want you to have it free, if you act fast, because it will substantially improve your results from e-Farming.

$2,997 Value
Passive Income Machine

I'm not a trust fund child. I could never go into stocks or real estate. So I developed my own system to make passive income using a 1-page website and email marketing.

Inside the Passive Income Machine I break down the exact strategy I use to make passive income.

This fast action bonus is easily worth $2,997, but I won’t charge you a penny. Have it free when you pull the trigger on my e-Farming system.

$2,997 Value
e-Farm Fertilizer Sources

The more your e-Farm grows, the more it will make you.

The key to making big money with e-Farming is to generate lots of email addresses into your e-Farm.

Inside my e-Farming system, I show you how to look for e-drop sources you can use to flood your e-Farm with responsive email addresses by the thousands.

Inside this bonus, I’m giving you the specific sources you can use to save you time.

I’m shaving dozens of hours of research off your learning curve.

$9,997 Value
Done-For-You e-Farm

I've built you an entire e-Farm which you can clone with just a few clicks using a special piece of software.

This e-Farm is not for sale anywhere on the internet.

This is a 100% exclusive bonus only for the members of my e-Farming system who act fast.

All in all you're getting $40,846
in value for just $197

There's no better way to kickstart your new e-Farming business than this.

But there's a catch…

You must act before the timer on this page expires because once the timer hits zero, I'm pulling the $26,885 value bonus package and raising the price to $1,997 which more accurately reflects the true value of my system.

Get started before the timer expires or miss the opportunity to profit from multiple streams of income with e-Farming for such a low one time investment.

Sign up right now and get the same system and the same tools and the same shortcuts that I gave Elina from Philadelphia who was able to take her e-Farming income to $7,000 per month working part time from home while still working full time as a nurse…

“We tried some things online before like binary options, but just lost money. Then we heard about Igor and started reading about him and decided to contact him for help. This month we’ve already made $7,000. This is amazing.”

-Igor & Elina Finkel

And like Igor from Croatia who was able to take this to $3,000 per month…

“Before meeting Igor I was making some money online, but it wasn’t white hat, so I couldn’t sleep at night knowing I’m going to have a long term income. I decided to invest the time to build something reliable, something stable. Within just 6 weeks of joining Igor, I’m already on track to hit $3,000 this month. It’s impossible to put in words what you can find when you work with this guy.”

-Igor Varoscic

Like James from Connecticut who was able start making up to $970 per day and fulfill a lifelong dream of moving to Florida…

“Getting coaching from Igor allowed me to move from Connecticut to Florida. It’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. Couple of weeks ago I had a $970 day. This man literally saved my life.”

-James Canzanella

Like Jason from Australia who achieved his first $100 day…

“Joining Igor is undoubtedly the best decision I’ve ever made. Yesterday I smashed through my first $100 day!”

-Jason Joyce

I've made it totally risk free for you to get started with my e-Farming Success Guarantee.

I also made it affordable… even if you’re dead broke.

But if you’re still on the fence, it must be because of one of the following reasons…

Reason number one: you might not be sure about being able to fit building your e-Farming business into your life.

If so, then I invite you to get started with confidence because building your own e-Farming business requires just 30 minutes a day.

You can do it before work or after or even during your lunch break.

You can do nothing on weekdays and then complete all the steps in one weekend.

It is a flexible system, and it will fit into your demanding lifestyle just like it did for Jason from Colorado, who drove a truck while building his $1,000/week e-Farming business.

“Igor is my No. 1 mentor who has helped me scale up to $1,000 on a weekly basis. The best decision I ever made in my internet marketing business is working and learning from him.”

-Jason Sinley

Reason number two: money.

It's a common excuse people make as to why they can't get rich.

They say I don't have any money… I barely get by… I don't have any spare cash to invest in a business!

I know because I was that guy. I started out with no money. But now I’m making 5-figures a day with e-Farming.

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And like Lenin from Ecuador…

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Considering a different perspective…

Don’t think of what it costs to start an e-Farming business. Think what it costs to start an e-Farming business relative to how much it can make you.

Here's what I make with just one e-Farm…

If you were certain you were going to succeed with e-Farming, you wouldn’t care how much it costs, because you’d know you’d make so much more.

You’d crawl over broken glass to give me the measly entry fee.

Which brings me to…

Reason number three: your confidence in the outcome.

You aren’t sure if this is going to work for you.

You failed in the past. You’ve been conditioned to expect bad things to happen to you. It’s easy to assume the past will repeat itself.

But is it really true?

Haven't you stepped out of your comfort zone and made things happen at least once or twice in your life?

Haven't you gotten good at certain skills before?

Haven’t you had any successes before?

Look, e-Farming is not rocket science.

If it were, average people like Andrea from Romania wouldn't be able to do it.

Smartphone sales rep without any sort of education wouldn’t be able to build a $100,000 e-Farming business…

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It's not about your smarts. It's about following the right system.

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-Cory Friedman

You don’t want to miss out on this, because there’s no other e-Farming system out there.

Why not just do it yourself?

You could.

Just ask yourself if you’re willing to go through the trial and error necessary to develop your own e-Farming system.

You will make mistakes.

You will bump into obstacles.

I can guarantee you it will cost a lot more (time and money) than what I’m charging for access to my e-Farming system.

It is time to make a decision.

You've got two options.

Option number one: risk it and do nothing.

Expect things to get worse, because of the rising cost of living, old age and disease.

Option number two: a totally new life for you.

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Bruce got into e-Farming when he turned 82, after he retired from teaching…

“I’m a retired chemistry teacher. I’ve got more degrees than a thermometer. I was trying to make money online for 2 years before I met Igor. I asked him to help me with my e-Farming and now I’ve got 3 e-Farms I’m growing and making sales with. Igor is a man of integrity. I highly recommend his e-Farming system.”

-Bruce Rae

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Igor Kheifets

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-Justin Tillman