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The main reason people struggle to make serious money online is that most methods rely on selling. So you have to be a good salesperson to succeed online. However this is no longer the case. There’s a new system that requires zero selling and none of the usual, unethical tactics that pressure others into buying. All you have to do is ask people if they’d like a valuable gift for free. Best part? This gift is already created for you so you don’t have to put together anything.

Richard Legg, during his Master's degree, got offered a job for $16,000 a year with a 2-hour commute by one of his professors. Richard, at that time, was married and wanted kids and a nice home. Realizing that $16,000 would never be enough, he went all in on his online business. After two years of promoting lousy MLMs and not making more than $100, he discovered his unique “no selling” system and went on to earn multiple 6-figures per year. Unlock his powerful video and start earning as soon as today